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Your Business’s Reputation Matters

Your business’s reputation is virtually the most important aspect of your business. Many business owners don’t realize the severe effect negative press can have on your bottom line. However, we must keep in mind that most people are caught up in the daily grind.

More often than not they simply don’t have time to properly research a product or service, thus they will often turn to the aid of their peers. This becomes your issues as one or two negative reviews can be enough to steer a potential customer away from your starving business’s front door.

The Effect Of Negative Press

man-announce-02The sad reality of these reviews is that more than often, your happy clientele don’t bother to mention you and the one disgruntled customer is the one leaving all of the reviews. The old saying “1% of consumers make 99% of the noise” certainly holds true with your online reputation.

Even the most upstanding company may have one or two subpar statements made about them.

If measures are not taken to correct this serious issue, negative reviews can easily impede a good company’s growth or in the worst case grind your business to a halt, often without you even realizing why! With SparkSource holding your hand every step of the way, your good name is all but guaranteed.

man-discuss-01Our Proven Process

Reputation Management is a twofold process. On one hand, you must do your best to suppress negative press in anyway you can. By working directly with consumers and clients, we can stop the flow of bad press and slowly turn your reputation around. The other part of the process is actively promoting your business in a positive light. Building out web properties every month and apply search engine marketing techniques to these properties and websites, we can help promote your business positively and push all the negative press out of your prospects reach!

Whether you have existing bad press that needs to be suppressed or possibly even removed; or you’re just looking into building some extra positive credibility for your business, SparkSource has many proven methods and strategies, even set and forget programs, to help you achieve your goals.

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