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man-carrying-boxOur Philosophy

Here at SparkSource, we are dedicated to providing target marketing solutions to our clients, big or small. Marketing however, is not just about promoting your business through all the proper channels. It’s just as much about presenting that prospect with your business at it’s very best once you get them there. Professional and eye-catching graphic and web design/development is the key, and we are holding it, ready to unlock the doors to your business’s success.

You see, design and development is just as much an art as it is a science. In fact, it’s about 80% art, 20% science. And when you have the chance to turn a visitor into a lead or better yet, a client, it’s best you do all you can to make that happen. That’s where our web design & development services come in. Effective lead capture, professional, tested layouts that convert like a monster. All important.

Or let’s say you need to rebrand; show your customers a new, fresh, modern side of you and your business. An appealing logo, branded design, business cards, letter heads, you name it! All of these aspects are important in creating the type of atmosphere that creates lifetime customersAnd that’s what this is all about, right?

Web Design & Development

man-with-bulb-01Web design and web development is a tricky business. Here’s why. When a local business owner says they need a website, what they really need is a lead capture focused page that has professionally written copy and a form for leads to submit, maybe a video, prominence of contact information, and all services and products laid out logically, in a visually pleasing package. Then they need to have it all optimized for their local search engine market, like Google+ and Bing Local.

However, when a large and growing online drop shipping business needs a website, they need a robust e-commerce platform, a dynamic home page to swivel through their best selling products, tight SEO coding on every page to ensure national search engine readability.

Do those two projects sound at all similar? Not really. However, which one of these businesses should choose SparkSource for their web development needs?

The answer is both. Here at SparkSource, we have a team of dedicated programmers and designers to make your coding dreams come true. (Without talking code with you if you’d prefer! I know many would..)

Graphic Design

You probably shouldn’t get us started on this, but…graphic design happens to be our man-with-board-02pride of joy. You see, Mark Cuda, the President and founder of SparkSource, used to be a graphic designer before he started this firm. He got all his experience in marketing learning to promote his graphic design business online.

Because of this inherent draw to graphic design, we have pulled onto our team the best designers we could find. Whether you need a catchy, brand-able logo design, any print design, mascot design, illustrations, identity or corporate design or even web layouts; SparkSource has the team ready and able to make your inner vision come alive!

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